The Ministry of Environment and Waters and its regional body – The Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Waters in Plovdiv are directly responsible for the conservation, maintenance and restoration of the habitat in the scope of the project.

Fire protection is the responsibility of the Plovdiv Regional “Fire Safety and Civil Protection” Directorate, via its division in the town of Stambolyiski.

The conservation of the habitat is within the interests of:

  • Elektrorazpredelenie Yug EAD (EP Yug)
  • The Road Infrastructure Agency, part of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, via its Regional Road Administrations in Plovdiv.
  • The National Electrical Company, Water Electrical Plant “Krichim”
  • The South Central State Forest Enterprise and its regional structures
  • The Municipality of Krichim
  • Local communities

Project Actions

Expect information about the project’s actions in habitat 9560* Endemic Forests with Juniperus spp. and the results thereof.

See presentation (in Bulgarian) about the activities in 2018 and 2019 for improvement of the status of habitat 9560*.