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The mission of Foundation “Information and Nature Conservation” is to contribute toward the conservation of Bulgaria’s wild nature by executing environmental protection projects, which solve issues of importance for society, impacting the livelihood of local people. All projects of the Foundation, as well as the experience of its team are presented at:

The Foundation’s team has 14 years of experience as an intermediary between stakeholder groups. We have conducted biodiversity conservation campaigns and motivated people and institutions with different interests to achieve mutual goals and create common products.

We have experience and a history of good cooperation with institutions and organisations in the region of the project, as well as with the experts in the institutions, responsible for the conservation of the selected habitats on a national level.

This website is the only platform in Bulgaria containing information, materials, advice and successful examples of the maintenance of the selected habitats and their protection from invasive alien plant species. The goal of its existence is to aid any responsible institution, as well as to contribute to Bulgaria’s economic development and the protection human health.

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