The employees of local authorities and institutions who are responsible for the conservation of the habitats and their protection from IAS plants need knowledge and skills to perform their duties effectively.

It is important that they prepare for meaningful participation in the process of creating and executing the programmes for the conservation of habitats 6510, 9180* and 9560* and the control the tree and shrub IAS plants in them, as part of the project. They must all have a similar level of knowledge and a common vision for the value of natural resources and the harm IAS plants cause, in order to contribute to the collaborative management of the habitats.

At the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 we carried out trainings for representatives of the stakeholders. Participated experts from the Ministry of Environment and Waters, Central Balkan NPD, State Fund Agriculture, National Agriculture Advisory Service, South Central State Forestry Enterprise, South West State Forestry Enterprise, Road Infrastructure Agency, municipal administrations, farmers, NPO.  The aim of the trainings was not only to provide information, but also to improve the collaboration between specialists from the key local and regional authorities.

The presentations of the trainings are available here (in Bulgarian). They are addressed to everybody who is interested in the habitats targeted by the project as well as the IAS control in the project region and the country.