The conservation of valuable, natural territories and maintaining them free of invasive alien plants depends on the support of all interested parties, responsible for the protection and management of habitats 6510, 6210, 9180* and 9560*. Only with their participation and in cooperation with the local communities can the project’s goals be achieved.

We are creating a model for collaborative management and maintenance of the habitats in favourable conservation status, together with land owners and managers, farmers, municipal and protected area administrations, employees of forestry units, users of natural resources and all other interested parties. All participants will come to realise their role in the evaluation of the impact of IAS, in the measures for the limitation of their distribution and in their eradication.

Around the world, the joint planning of actions and implementation of measures has been demonstrated as the most effective approach toward conserving nature. Local people and interested parties feel empathy toward the wellbeing of a habitat and participate in caring for it only when they are well-informed and when they take part in making decisions about the future of the natural territory.

The model for the development and execution of common habitat conservation and shrub and tree IAS control plans for the habitats will be popularised throughout Bulgaria..

Here you can find more information about the stakeholders involvement in the creation and execution of the common conservation plans for habitats 6510, 6210, 9180* and 9560* and for the control of tree and shrub IAS plants in them.

„Nature free of invasive alien plants“

Discussion forum for sharing good practices for the protection of valuable natural habitats in Natura 2000 and recommendations to limit IAS trees and shrubs, held on 10 June 2022.

Collaborative Management of